Who We Are?

About Us

We believe that every child matters and that young people have a right to live life free of poverty ,abuse and exploitation. For a young person to thrive they need  a holistic education physical and mental health ,and good livehoods. At Mama Melissa Foundation, we provide these services to a select group of vulnerable youth. We support gifted disadvantaged and vulnerable girls in Mbeere south district by paying school fees, to  have access to secondary education by empowering young scholars to finish school, leverage  their education into viable opportunities for earned income and have the tools to self-advocate for their own life choices. We believe,  “if you educate a girl, you educate a family/community .’ Indeed a better future begins with with

The reasons we concentrate on girls is because in Kenya and indeed in Africa from time immemorial girls have received less education than boys. This is because due to some tradition girls were married off at an early in return for dowry which helped to support the family.When you educate a girl in Africa, everything changes. She will be three times likely to get HIV/AIDS, earn 25% more incomes and have a smaller,  and a smaller ,healthier family. There are a high percentage of girls dropping out of school because of poverty; this is because it is easy for girls to get jobs such as house girls in order to provide for their families. However, not every girl is lucky enough to get a job; unfortunately some ends up in the streets.In Kenya 50% more women than men are living in poverty in rural areas. 50% of female headed households are below the poverty line. Enabling girls to stay in school and giving them education that every child deserves is the first to bridging the gender divide in Africa.Girls face more  issues than boys in regards to completing their education.

More than 70% of Africa’s poor people live in rural areas and depend for their food and livelihood on precarious relationship with the land. In the rural areas of Kenya employment opportunities are few. In deed in some areas such as Mbeere District in Easter part of Kenya ¾ of the population is unemployed.

About the area we work

Mama Melissa Foundation works in Mbeere south district area in eastern Kenya. Mbeere district is a semi-arid area and one of the poorest area in Kenya . It receive scarce / little rains resulting to crop failure most of the seasons. The inadequate rain contributes to very many other consequences like poverty leading to diseases.

Our Mission

  • To provide assistance to disadvantaged and vulnerable young scholars especially girls to achieve secondary school education and fulfil their potential. We believe that with the support we provide those young people can go on to become independent, productive young adults who will make a positive contribution to the community they live in.
  • To assist local communities in their efforts to improve their living conditions and quality of life.
  • Promote health awareness in the matter of HIV/AIDs and Cancer. Cancer has become a public health concern in Sub Sahara Africa.

Mama Melissa Foundation seeks to achieve her goal through the use of funds collected through donations and sponsorships and through income from events and actions.